photo 1(2)Emerson School
105 NW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:15 PM- 5:45 PM;
Friday 1:15 PM- 5:45 PM

All Public School are closed on legal holidays.

Email us: art4lifeemerson@gmail.com 

Art4Life is excited to be part of Emerson School and invite you to join us! With an enrollment of just 135 students, Emerson School is an extraordinary charter school defined by commitment to community, project based learning, real world problem-solving, diversity and nurturing the children’s individual interests,  strengths, and heritages. Art4Life adds to this amazing community by providing quality before-and-after school arts education. Located in the Pearl District in NW Portland, Art4Life provides many opportunities for our students to be part of a rich art and culture scene.

Etiquette Friday’s give the kids a chance to immerse themselves in cultures from around the world. Every month is dedicated to a different country. Making use of the school’s kitchen, the teachers research and prepare local cuisine.

Children have the opportunity to try new things, learn from the world and art around them, and have fun!

Field trips are an opportunity for kids to connect with various cultures and communities in Portland. A few examples include visiting the Symphony, Portland Art Musuem, art galleries, and the Portland Center for Performing Arts.

Our projects are creative, fun, informative and introduce the children to a variety of art media, art history, artists, cultures, ideas and food.