Emergency Care Richmond

*** Please fill this form out on your computer. Just click the area to be filled in and type. After you are done filling out the form, save it, label it with your child’s name, and email to Art4Life.info@gmail.com


We look forward to working with you and providing licensed childcare for your family at WInterhaven. Please read the following before filling out the registration form.
– Complete policies regarding operations during COVID 19 are included with the registration form. 
– Please email completed registration forms and proof of subsidy enrollment to Art4Life.info@gmail.com  
– Mail checks or money orders  labeled with your child’s first and last name as it is on their registration form to 3405 SW Naito Parkway (MAILING ADDRESS ONLY)
– Art4Life is a small, local non profit organization that does not accept credit card payments. 
– If you would like to arrange to pick up printed materials or drop off of completed registration forms, please email Art4Life.info@gmail.com to schedule. 

Art4Life is operating Emergency Child Care that is licensed through the Early Learning Division of Oregon. The guidelines that we follow do not always align with the guidelines that PPS follows for in person learning. Here are some of the differences and frequently asked questions. 

Social Distancing

The Early Learning Division (ELD) does not require that children socially distance with other children in their childcare group. Children and staff wear face coverings throughout the day, both inside and outside. The only time children can have their face covering off, is when they are eating or drinking. Children/staff are allowed to take their face covering off when they are outside and distanced from all other people. 


Art4Life works with PPS Nutrition Service to provide breakfast, lunch and snack during program time. Since children have their face coverings off while they eat, they are spaced out (2-3 feet) during those times. When eating lunch and snack children are all seated at the same side of the table as not to face one another without a face covering. 

Group Size and Stable Group

Art4Life has a limit of 30 children per stable group. In that group we have children that are participating in Comprehensive Distance Learning only, as well as children from Richmond that are participating in the AM cohort of Hybrid, there are also children enrolled in the AM cohort of Hybrid Learning from other schools are participating in our Emergency Childcare at Richmond.

Is Art4Life an online school?

No, Art4Life is a certified emergency child care that offers online learning support. We can help children manage their schedules, troubleshoot technical issues, and maintain a quiet focused space for learning. Parents are encouraged to check their children’s assignments for completeness each day.  

What time does learning time end at Art4Life?

Learning time generally ends at 2pm at Art4Life. At that time the group moves to snack and recess time. Please let us know if your child has a synchronous meeting after that time, we will do our best to accommodate that. If your child has asynchronous activities left to complete after 2pm, they will need to finish it at home or the following day. 

What happens if my child finishes their school work before 2pm?

We have lots of books and quiet activities for kids to do if they complete their work before 2pm. Children are encouraged to bring books or quiet activities from home to use if they regularly finish early. 

Can Art4Life provide space away from the group for my child to attend music?

Due to staffing and space issues, we are not able to provide space away from the group. We have a “Movement Area” and a “Speech Area” for activities like PE and speech class, but we are not able to move the kids to a different area for a class or activity.