Winterhaven Elementary
3830 SE 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201


Hours of operation: 7am – 8:45am; 3pm – 6pm

All Public School are closed on legal holidays.

The Winterhaven 2020-21 Enrollment Packet is here.

Art4Life is excited to be part of Winterhaven Elementary and invite you to join us! Strong family involvement help sustain the tight-knit community at this school. Art4Life is a perfect addition, adding our arts and culture curriculum. Winterhaven possesses a positive, creative, and enthusiastic atmosphere that we look forward to being a part of. The school is located in the Brooklyn neighborhood in southeast Portland close to a few of our other schools so we can offer flexibility to our parents. We look forward to exploring Brooklyn!

Art4Life will be open for “All Days”. These are days when Portland Public Schools are closed but we are open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is on these days when we can explore the city and the arts community. Art4Life will be closed on all legal holidays and for winter break.

Field trips provide an opportunity for kids to connect with various cultures and communities in Portland. A few examples include visiting the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, Elements Glass, or Hopewell House Hospice Center as well as enjoying Portland’s finest attractions such as the Children’s Museum, the waterfront fountains, Hippo Hardware, and Hawthorne Boulevard.