We are excited to offer the first-ever children’s gallery in Portland for young artists from preschool through 18 years of age! Art4Life is a venue where children can share their artistic talents and have a voice in the community. We believe in supporting the aspirations of young people, and having a place to share their work is key in developing these creative endeavors. We realize how much young talent we have in the community, and we want to encourage and applaud that talent in the Art4Life Children’s Gallery.

Visit the Splendorporium website here.

Preschool through 18-year-olds are welcome to submit media for presentation. An entire school, a classroom or individuals may showcase in the Art4Life Children’s Gallery. We urge you to contact us with your ideas about showing children’s art from your school, classroom or other group.

Check out our events page for openings to celebrate and showcase the art from these young artists and performers. We also invite you to contact us with your ideas about showing theatrical, musical or performance art. If there is a theme, children from all over are invited to submit for that theme. If the schedule states TBA, gallery space is available.

Submissions and Call for Artists information provided on our website is the same for children and adults.

Come join us for our openings to celebrate young artists!