“Art4Life has made her Winterhaven experience a gazillion times better than it otherwise would have been.  She gained friends in other grades – which helped her a ton when her own class had some social issues – and the whole experience gave her way more confidence at school generally and in the classroom more specifically.”

“Hannah loved Art4Life so much we had to stay until the art project was over before we could go home!”

Art4Life is an exceptional program! The quality and care of its teachers is remarkable as is the culture fostered there. My children are supported by staff and their peers to enrich their lives through an array of amazing arts activities. It’s truly amazing!”

David Dacklin, Maplewood parent

“Art4Life has been a wonderful addition to our Abernethy community. They have been providing enriching experiences for both before and after school each day. The Art4Life teachers and staff have been most responsive to questions and have helped give input to improving school procedures. I have had overwhelming positive parent comments and student comments from all participants. It has been a delight to work with Sandra and Art4Life. I look forward to our continued successful relationship.”

Tammy Barron, Abernethy principal